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When Saavedra addresses the House of Commons meeting, he comes back to his own story time and again. This is part of the DREAMers’ strategy to humanise the immigration debate. “I decided I was going to do it for my brother,” he tells the gathered union members, activists and MPs. “By the time he was 18, I promised he was going to have a document in his hand, so he could go to college.”

In 1965 he snapped up one of the first video cameras to reach Manhattan, his new home town, and by 1974 had created his masterpiece, TV Buddha. A video camera is aimed at an impassive stone Buddha seated in a classic pose on a pedestal. The Buddha gazes knowingly at his image, which appears on a round, futuristic-looking TV in front of him. Nothing moves, which leads the viewer to wonder whether the image on the screen is a live feed or recorded.

“The commission is surely not suggesting the UK authorities may be diverting this material for non-peaceful uses. We know where it is, and we have been analysing with the commission for several years how best to deal with it. But we will not be rushed into any action.”

Growing up, Saavedra began to see the problems facing his family. “Although undocumented children have been allowed to attend high school since 1987, you have few other rights,” he says. “You cannot drive, are not eligible for legal aid, you cannot travel.”

Facebook Twitter Pinterest A young girl sits and watches Ever is Over All in Sydney. Photograph: James D Morgan/Getty ImagesFamed for her upbeat video-sound installations, Pipilotti Rist was born in a small Swiss village called Grabs. She started out making short films and designing stage sets for rock bands, going on to make exuberant, sensual videos that belie her serious questioning of macho posturing. Rist addresses issues of womanhood, especially notions of beauty, makeup, cosmetics and self-adornment.

The Department of Trade and Industry, which has been accused by the commission of dragging its feet, was stunned by the decision, and said that it would study the commission’s report before it could comment.

“The president does not meet with undocumented people, but we said to his advisers, ‘Unless you make progress on this we are going to be all over the streets,’” Saavedra explains. “We gave them a deadline. We told Obama, ‘You need to deliver on past promises to the Latino community.’”

“The white and blue delaine Thackeray dress would have been the right choice for such a meeting. Its high neck, long sleeves and mid-quality printed fabric point to pretty but unassuming morning attire.”

This month Saavedra is visiting the UK on a nationwide tour hosted by the anti-racism campaign Hope not Hate. “As young activists we learned from other countries,” he says. “We want to share what we have learned.” British immigrant-rights activists have watched the US story unfold with interest. “It shows it may be possible to change the terms of the immigration debate in the UK,” says Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate’s director.

The road from San Sebastián to A Coruña is one of big cities, pretty fishing towns, high cliffs and raging sea. It skirts the rugged Basque coast, runs through lush Cantabria and Asturias, and ends up in Galicia, on the wildly beautiful Costa de la Muerte.

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In the evenings Saavedra attended community college to study political science. Then, one night in 2009 his younger brother, Rodrigo, walked into his bedroom. “He had been invited on a school trip to China. The school were going to pay for it. He says ‘Carlos, can I go?’ Like many immigrant children with their siblings, it was like I was his parent. I had to tell him the truth – I couldn’t magically get him in and out of the country. It broke Rodrigo’s heart and it broke my heart.”

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Ready to drop … Bill Viola’s He Weeps for You. Photograph: Kira Perov/courtesy Bill Viola StudioBill Viola grew up in Flushing, New York, near the site of 1964 World’s Fair, which he would visit, marvelling at its idealistic vision of new technologies. Viola came under the spell of video at the University of Syracuse, exploring its Moog synthesiser and mastering reel-to-reel recording.

Saavedra was born in Lima, Peru, in 1987, the son of a security guard and an accountant. His family moved to Boston, Massachusetts, in search of work when Carlos was 12 and his brother Rodrigo was four. “Our parents told us it would be hard but that we were doing it to make a better life for our family,” Saavedra says. “We had tourist visas, then we overstayed them and became undocumented six months later.”

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