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“This has been a very difficult decision – which has caused us great pain – because we understand perfectly the importance [of the events] for Chile and for the world,” Chile’s centre-right president said.

The pond is one of the string of Hampstead Ponds forming the source of the River Fleet, which now finishes up in a culvert running into the Thames. The atmosphere of the pond and its clientele are unlike other swimming places. The local regulars are jealous of their preserves and apt to mutter on those days when a spell of good weather brings newcomers from farther afield.

AL1 2QU Sainsbury Supermarkets
AL1 3DP Marks & Spencers
AL1 3DU Tesco Metro
AL1 4JL Tesco Express
AL1 4SU Morrisons
AL1 4UZ Sainsbury Convenience
AL1 5PX McColls Neighbhood News
AL10 0JW Asda Superstores
AL10 0JZ McColls High Street
AL10 0QN Coop Group (CWS)
AL10 8HZ McColls Neighbhood News
AL10 9HE Coop Group (CWS)
AL2 1BG Marks & Spencers
AL2 1BG Sainsbury Supermarkets
AL2 1JQ Tesco Express
AL2 1RR Coop Group (CWS)
AL2 2RA Coop Group (CWS)
AL3 5AS Tesco Express
AL3 5DL WHSmith High Street
AL3 7LN Coop Group (CWS)
AL4 8BB Tesco Express
AL4 9RB Budgens
AL4 9RB McColls Neighbhood News
AL4 9RG Tesco Express
AL5 1PU Coop Group (CWS)
AL5 2RU Sainsbury Supermarkets
AL5 2RU WHSmith High Street
AL5 2SX McColls High Street
AL5 2TW Marks & Spencers
AL5 3BB Tesco Express
AL5 5AL Tesco Express
AL5 5HA Coop Group (CWS)
AL6 9EQ Tesco Express
AL7 1DD McColls Neighbhood News
AL7 1RY Morrisons
AL7 2BQ Tesco Express
AL7 2BQ McColls Neighbhood News
AL7 3PP Coop Group (CWS)
AL7 3PP McColls Neighbhood News
AL7 3UH One Stop
AL7 4PH Coop Group (CWS)
AL7 4PH McColls Neighbhood News
AL8 6AP McColls High Street
AL8 6HA Marks & Spencers
AL8 6HA WHSmith High Street
AL8 6PS Sainsbury Supermarkets
AL8 7RH Coop Group (CWS)
AL9 5JY Tesco Extra
AL9 7QR Coop Group (CWS)

While he suspects the writer’s heart is probably in the right place, he reckons “nothing will really change because someone’s written a book. So far, it seemed to him, Basque writers hadn’t paid very much attention to the victims of terrorism. They were more interested in the killers, their crises of conscience, their emotional backstories – all that stuff”.

Towards the end of Patria, Fernando Aramburu’s sprawling examination of the human cost of Eta’s four-decade-long terror campaign, a character attends a talk by an author who, as it happens, has written a “testimony to the atrocities” and their enduring consequences.

It is also the second setback for international climate talks in less than a year. Brazil had been due to host COP25 but pulled out last year after the presidential election victory of the far-right populist Jair Bolsonaro, loba negra pdf who has pursued an anti-globalist agenda.

School climate strikers from Europe are in the middle of the Atlantic on their way to South America. “We just heard COP25 has been cancelled. We will have a meeting about this now on board, please keep us updated and any ideas are welcome. They can cancel the COP but can’t cancel the movement!” the group tweeted.

World leaders including Donald Trump and China’s leader, Xi Jinping, had been due to attend the first event while climate champions including the teenage activist Greta Thunberg were expected at the second.

Despite the novel’s popularity – and Spain’s apparent willingness to reflect on a conflict that left more than 800 people dead – the adaptation has not been without controversy. Two years after Eta dissolved itself, and almost a decade after it renounced the armed struggle for independence, the wounds it inflicted remain as raw as they are deep.

Kishida, the LDP’s policy chief, is said to be Abe’s chosen successor, but has not polled well among voters. The finance minister and deputy prime minister, Taro Aso, has reportedly ruled himself out, while the foreign minister, Toshimitsu Motegi, and defence minister, Taro Kono, have yet to decide whether to run.

Chile protesters: ‘We are subjugated by the rich. It’s time for that to end’ Read moreSebastián Piñera made the announcement on Wednesday morning, telling reporters Chile would no longer be able to host November’s Apec trade summit and the COP25 UN climate conference the following month.

London’s public swimming pools: bathing, sun terraces and cafes – archive, 22 August 1938 Read moreAs the shadows lengthen in the afternoon, the sunny area in the enclosure gradually shrinks. The bodies are forced closer together. About six, the scene is like one of those Victorian posed cricket photos, without the kit. The regulars take dips throughout the day, not staying in too long. Some of the older ones enter the water slowly down the steps and move silently away without a ripple, using some queer side stroke which the ASA would certainly frown upon.

• Among photographs illustrating a film article on war documentaries – A grunt’s eye view, 5 April, page 19, G2 – we meant to publish a still from The Battle of Midway, John Ford’s 1942 documentary/propaganda feature, but instead used a picture of kamikaze pilots taken from Midway, a 1976 war‑action drama starring Charlton Heston among others. Kamikaze attacks, for their part, came to the fore later in the war, not 1942.

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